Elizabeth Dole Foundation Caregiver Fellowship

Are you a family member or loved one caring for a wounded or ill servicemember or veteran? If so, consider applying for the Elizabeth Dole Foundation's Caregiver Fellowship. Dole Caregiver Fellows serve as leaders in their local community who share their caregiving stories to bring vital attention to the challenges military and Veteran caregivers face. 

As a part of their two-year Fellowship, Fellows:

  • Drive increased support and action for caregivers in their local communities and nationwide
  • Advocate for military and veteran caregiver issues on local, state, and national levels
  • Advise the Foundation on programs and initiatives
  • Serve as Hidden Heroes representatives at meetings, events and interviews
  • Provide inspiration and personal support for caregivers through the online Hidden Heroes Caregiver Community

Over the last year, the Foundation has analyzed membership and they seek to diversify their community to better reflect the millions of military and veteran caregivers. This year, they are hoping to better engage partners to help outreach to military and veteran caregivers from diverse backgrounds (e.g., racial diversity, LGBT diversity, etc.), to ensure to represent the needs of all military and veteran caregivers. The program is open to caregivers supporting veterans from all eras.

Applications are due by March 1. For questions, please email [email protected]


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