NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services Job Opportunity

The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS), located in Albany, New York, is seeking to fill two Research Scientist positions. This exciting opportunity is located within the DCJS Office of Justice Research and Performance (OJRP). DCJS conducts research in a wide range of areas and works closely with agency program staff on projects related to violent crime reduction, evidence based policing, probation and reentry, alternatives to incarceration, juvenile and youth justice, and criminal history records. 

Research will include the study of youth behavior, adult criminal behavior, court case processing and sentencing, the impact of programming and treatment on behavior, reoffending, and desistance from crime and criminogenic factors. Research will also evaluate the impact of major legislative changes, such as bail reform and raising the age of criminal responsibility.

Research Scientist 1 and Research Scientist 2 positions are available. The current salary ranges for these positions are $56,604-$71,980/yr for Research Scientist 1, SG-18, and $69,603-$88,124/yr for Research Scientist 2, SG-22.  The Division of Criminal Justice Services will determine which position level an applicant is eligible for.

Further details can be found in the vacancy announcement.

Dan Fitzgerald, Human Resources Specialist 2

518-485-7740, [email protected]