VetsinTech & DraftKings Web Dev Training

Calling all veterans interested in learning web development: VetsinTech is excited to offer full scholarships for Front End Web Development training exclusively for veterans – sponsored by DraftKings! 

This is 4-week course with classes Monday-Thursday evenings from April 19-May 13, 8-10pm (EST) each night. Virtual Orientation: April 15, 12pm (EST). 

You will learn the basics of programming by building visual and interactive components of a website. More specifically you will get hands-on experience creating the structural foundation (HTML), styling (CSS), and inserting logic to control the behavior (JavaScript) of your own website.


- Coding Languages & Overview

- Structure Fundamentals

- Command Line Git & Github

- HTML CSS Javascript

- Supplemental Online resources for CSS Frameworks JavaScript DOM AJAX Structure

Register here.