NYPD Police Officer Exam

The NYPD offers the Police Officer Exam in June 2021.

Registration is open through April 27, 2021. Register early to secure your date.

Additional benefits available to military veterans include:

- Veterans can earn GI Bill benefits in addition to their salary during their first two years.

- Police Officer Exam scores are kept on file indefinitely. Upon leaving the U.S. Armed Forces, veterans have 6 months to start the hiring process.

- Veterans can add 4 years to the maximum hiring age, or 6 years if they served during war or national emergency. This applies only to veterans under age 40.

- Veterans can buy back three years of their military time to be applied to their NYPD retirement.

- Officers who are active reservists are allowed 30 paid military days per year, in addition to their vacation time.

Call 212-RECRUIT or visit NYPDRECRUIT.COM for more information.