Veteran and Military Spouse Women's Leadership Symposium

Veterans Campaign and Homefront Rising will host their annual Women's Leadership Symposium on Friday, May 21 8-10pm (Eastern Time) and Saturday, May 22, 12-3pm (Eastern Time).  This year's program will be held virtually over Zoom and will feature an exciting lineup of speakers, panelists, and networking opportunities focusing on the challenges and opportunities that female veterans and military family members face when seeking public service.  

Participation in this symposium is open to persons of any gender who wish to attend.
On Friday, May 21 the symposium will kickoff at 8pm (Eastern Time) with a cocktail hour (generously sponsored by Napa Valley's Acre Winery), an exciting keynote speaker, and some networking time.
Saturday, May 22 from 12pm-3pm (Eastern Time) there will be a fantastic lineup of speakers and panels to share research and stories from "the field" about women in public service and to answer your questions as you discern your path.
Register here for the symposium.