Cybercrime Support Network Military & Veteran Program Coordinator

Cybercrime Support Network (CSN) has launched a Military & Veteran program to help the military community recognize, report, and recover from cybercrime.  In this new role, the Program Coordinator will execute activities of the Military & Veteran Program under the direction of the Executive Director of the Military & Veteran Program.  America's service members, veterans, military spouses, survivors, and their families are disproportionately targeted for online crimes that can have a devastating impact on their personal and financial well-being, and our national security.  This position has quantitative and qualitative metrics that will be measured to determine success.  Candidates must have a passion for CSN's mission to serve people impacted by cybercrime and the military community.  The CSN team works remotely and candidates must have an office space with working WiFi and phone service.


Click here for a full description of job duties and requirements.

Qualified applicants can send their cover letter and resume to [email protected]