Military Veterans in Journalism Fellowship Opportunity

MVJ is hosting seven paid fellowships lasting about six months each at the newsroom of your choice!

Four of the fellowships are funded thanks to generous support from the Knight Foundation, two of the fellowships are possible thanks to the generous support of Craig Newmark Philanthropies and the one fellowship is thanks to the generous support of the Wyncote Foundation.

Applications are due Friday, June 11, 2021 and fellowships will begin in Fall 2021.

The money: Fellows will be compensated roughly $2,500 per month and will be responsible for their own relocation and living expenses if applicable.

The outlet: MVJ wants to maximize the impact for you and your career. They have about 15 outlets who already know that they want fellows but they will work with the selected fellows to help place you in the newsroom of your choice (no guarantees).

The work: MVJ will work with you and the outlet to develop a work plan and objectives so your time is worthwhile. They want you to leave this fellowship with a strong portfolio, some great connections, and strong prospects for a future full-time job.

Timing: MVJ plans to have you start your fellowship in Fall 2021. Fellowships have the potential to renew for a longer period depending on where you choose to work. For example, six months may be the most they can offer in New York City, but they may be able to squeeze out eight months if you’re in Wyoming. They want you to be able to do your fellowship in person (not remotely) to maximize impact, so they may delay the start date to make that possible.

Additional courses: MVJ will provide additional training made possible through the Poynter Institute to several of the fellows, depending on the journalism discipline they are pursuing.

The judges: A committee of established journalists, including Jake Tapper and Michael McCoy, will review all candidates and make their selections by the end of the summer. Fellows should expect to begin work next fall.

This is an awesome opportunity for those of you who are emerging journalists or career switchers. A fellowship will offer the opportunity to explore the field of journalism at a publication while making connections, landing bylines and creating a name for yourself.


For additional information, email Rich Dolan at [email protected]