Military Women's Memorial #appreSHEation Campaign

The Military Women's Memorial is launching their #appreSHEaction Campaign on Saturday, June 12th.  The #appreSHEation campaign is an opportunity to honor the largest growing demographic in the military, and ensure future generations of girls and woman are able to see clear pathways and leadership examples through military service.

The Military Women's Memorial is calling on its supporters to help them increase awareness of these incredible women and their remarkable contributions by publicly thanking them for their service.  They are launching this campaign to coincide with the anniversary of the Women's Armed Services Integration Act, a day that is also recognized as Women Veterans Day in 11 states.

The #appreSHEation campaign needs your help!

You can support this campaign by creating a short video expressing your gratitude for US Servicewomen and their contributions to the defence of our nation.  The campaign would like to use your video and your likeness to encourage others to join this worthwhile effort.  The video will get pushed out through their social media network and possible on a few major networks.

Send your submission to [email protected]