Warrior Writers Editing and Revision Workshop Series

Join Warrior Writers for their first Editing and Revision Workshop Series! This particular workshop series will focus on how to turn a first draft into a final draft, or at least an edited version! These are not generative workshops, as in they will not be giving prompts to write new pieces. Participants will come to the workshop with a piece they have already written, and throughout the three sessions, work with the facilitator to edit and craft it into an elevated piece of work. 

These workshops will be facilitated by Stefan Lovasik. Stefan served with U.S. Army Special Forces during the American war in Viet Nam. His poetry has appeared in such journals as The American Literary Review, Consequence, Folio, Hiram Poetry Review, The New York Quarterly and Pedestal among others. He has published three collections: Persona & Shadow (FlutterPress, 2015), Absolution (Main Street Rag Publishing Co., 2018), and The Latitude of a Mercy (New York Quarterly Books, 2021) that will be released April, 2021.

He is also a recurrent guest editor of Pedestal Magazine and is a member/facilitator of the Twin Cities Warrior Writers Community.

All veterans/active duty are welcome, no matter what branch they served in, what era, whether they served in combat or not. In addition, Warrior Writers will accommodate people with all skill levels, including beginners - no writing experience necessary! This is for anyone looking to develop their writing skills and delve deeper into the art of writing. Because of the nature of these workshops, to ensure proper attention to each participant, attendance is limited to 10. By signing up, you are committing to all three workshop dates. 

Register here.