ConEdison General Utility Worker Position

Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. (ConEdison) is seeking candidates for General Utility Worker positions.  This is a full-time position that is not available on the ConEdison career website but is open to veterans.

Successful candidates must:

have a valid driver's license with a safe and satisfactory driver history

have a high school diploma or equivalency

possess excellent communication skills, poise, and tact, in order to handle customer contact in a pleasant and courteous manner

be neat and accurate in work

always practice personal safety and situational awareness

have the ability to use good judgment in making on-the-job decisions and experience in having positive interaction with customers

obtain certifications from the American Red Cross for Standard First Aid, CPR, and Blood Borne Pathogens at their cost if they are extended a job offer

Physical demands of the job:

Candidates must:

respond to system emergencies

work at field locations in all weather conditions

perform extended driving through heavy traffic and severe off-road conditions

perform heavy manual labor, i.e. pushing, pulling, and lifting up to 50 pounds

work in an environment that includes heat, noise, confined spaces, and high elevations

climb ladders and stairs

work on elevated platforms, scaffolds, catwalks, roofs, or equipment

enter underground vaults through manholes

work in inclement weather and adverse conditions, i.e. excessive heat, cold, noise, confined spaces

work with and in the vicinity of high voltage and/or other high-energy systems

be approved and able to wear either a full- or half-face respirator without facial hair or other condition that may interfere with the seal, in accordance with OSHA regulations

be approved and able to wear a full- or half-face respirator and self-contained breathing aparatus (SCBA) without facial hair or other condition that may interfere with the seal, in accordance with OSHA regulations

climb in and out of manholes and excavations

stand, walk, and climb ladder and stairs for a whole shift

use hand tools and operate heavy equipment, i.e. jackhammers

travel to company locations to work on storm restoration and heat contingencies

pass a Physical Abilities Test (PAT) if extended a job offer

wear all necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including fire retardant clothing and safety harness

work with equipment with manufacturer weight rating of 375 pounds


If you are interested in this position, please email [email protected] for more information about how to apply.