FDNY EMS Trainee Position

FDNY is seeking veterans for EMS Trainee positions.

EMS Trainees attend classes Monday through Friday at the FDNY EMS Bureau of Training (BOT) academy located on Ft. Totten, Bayside, NY.  Candidates will receive training from FDNY NYS Certified Instructor Coordinators (IC) and Clinical Lab Instructors (CLI).

EMS Trainee:                               Paramedic

Starting salary:  $32,520              Starting salary:  $48,237

After 3 months: $35,254              

After 1 year:     $37,250               After 1 year:     $53,135

After 2 years:    $37,914              After 2 years:    $55,302

After 3 years:    $43,901              After 3 years:    $61,005

After 5 years:    $50,604              After 5 years:    $65,226

Current requirements:

High school diploma or its educational equivalent

Six months of full-time satisfactory employment

Full-time US military service with honorable discharge


Requirements to be appointed:

A driver's license valid in the State of New York

Minimum 18 years of age

Successfully complete:

     Physical Agility Test (PAT)

     Comprehensive background investigation

     Medical and psychological testing



Flexible work schedule

Choice of health plans with family and domestic partner coverage

25 year pension

401k plan, shift differential, and overtime pay

Excellent promotional opportunities


For more information, call 718-999-FDNY (3369) or go to www.joinfdny.com.