NYC Veterans Receive Preference in Affordable Housing Lottery

The lottery to join the waitlist for affordable studio apartments at East Midtown Park (333 E 23rd St, NY, NY 10010) is open through August 11th.  Preference will be given to eligible veterans and surviving spouses.  Learn eligibility requirements.  To apply, visit Mitchell-Lama Connect.

What is Mitchell-Lama?

Mitchell-Lama provides affordable apartments and co-ops to moderate/middle-income families.  Developments with open waiting lists give admission preference to veterans, or their surviving spouses, who served on active duty during a time of war.

Veterans can apply for affordable housing at Mitchell-Lama Connect, where you can also:

view Mitchell-Lama buildings that are opening up their waiting lists and accepting entries to their lotteries

create and update an account profile

submit entries to Mitchell-Lama waiting list lotteries