Department of Veterans Affairs Procurement Analyst Position

The Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Procurement, Acquisition, and Logisitics is seeking a Procurement Analyst at its Technology Acquisition Center located at 23 Christopher Way, Eastontown, NJ 07724.  This is a full-time, permanent GS12 position with an annual salary range of $89,537 to $116,403.  If you ever worked in military logisitics, contracting and procurement this job is a great match for you!

**Application deadline is Wednesday, September 7th.**


Writes contracting, guidance, and procedural documentation for the wide range of contracting functions

Serves as a Subject Matter Expert in converting manual contracting business processes into automated business processes

Analyzes new policies and laws, and interprets changes for senior management prior to issuing to contract specialists

Reviews procurement packages that are complex and difficult prior to senior executive level signature approval

Resolve complex procurement issues and integral member of a team that prepares reports on audits

Analyzes and evaluates audit and inspection reports; performs as an expert with authority to respond to inspection and audit reports

Develops operating guidance and procedures for the complex issues that arise and uses them as a basis to provide training to staff

Interprets new legislation/policies and provides synopsis to senior level management

Conducts training of interns or other contract specialists; explains impact of new policies, regulations, and guidance

Participates as a member of procurement task forces or chairs these bodies working on high level procurement issues with agency wide impact

Writes contracting procedures for use by operational contracting specialists; writes updated guidance impact to business processes and informs contracting staff via writing

Responds in writing to audit reports and defends complex contracting action; prepares written contracting material for use in training

Prepares briefings on complex procurement issues for use by senior procurement officials; defends and explains complex issues with auditors resulting from an audit.

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