Another Summit 1st Annual 24-Hour 9/11 Memorial Hike

Guardian Revival's Another Summit Outdoor Adventure Education Program will host its 1st Annual 24-Hour 9/11 Memorial Hike, September 11-12, 2021.

As part of their mission to remember and honor the Heroes who gave their lives during the September 11th Attacks, Another Summit is organizing and leading a 52.5-mile, 24-hour 9/11 Memorial Hike from Carmel to New Paltz along a section of the new 750-mile Empire State Trail. The 9/11 Memorial Hike will be completed by 3 teams, each led by Another Summit Outdoor Leaders. They will host a launch ceremony at the start-point in Carmel beginning at 11:30am on 9/11 and finish no later than 12:00pm on 9/12 at Mid-Hudson Sporting Clays in New Paltz.  Upon arrival at the finish, hike participants will be provided lunch and free admission to the Memorial Sporting Clays Shoot at Mid-Hudson Sporting Clays, a fundraiser supporting Guardian Revival.

Registration closes September 8th.


Register here.

Guardian Revival’s Another Summit program is an Outdoor Adventure Education (OAE) program for military & first responder veterans as well as community members. Another Summit offers a peer-to-peer networking opportunity for veterans to get outdoors and connect with veteran mentors and community members through hiking, backpacking, and other structured outdoor activities in the Hudson Valley Region of New York.  To learn more about the program click here.