9/11 Exhibit: Sacred Dust: Photographs by Henry Leutwyler

The Michael Foley Gallery presents Sacred Dust: Photographs by Henry Leutwyler.  This exhibit will be open from Friday, September 10th through Sunday, September 26th.

Where were you when The Towers fell?  A question that still lingers on lips as we approach the 20th anniversary of the events of September 11, 2001.  To call it an anniversary belies the positive connotations that usually surround this word. It's a marking of time, of years without friends and loved ones, of imagined history and dashed dreams. "Never Forget" is the phrase we use.

What more can we see that hasn't been seen before, playing, again and again, reliving that day?  With the cooperation of the 9/11 Memorial & Museum in downtown Manhattan, Photographer Henry Leutwyler was commissioned by National Geographic, for their September issue, to explore the museum's archive of over 70,000 objects, remnants, and remembrances recovered from that day.  Some are identifiable, and others remain fragments of their former selves.  Many have never been seen by the general public.

Foley Gallery

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