Remembering 9/11: Before, After, and Since

The Skyscraper Museum presents Remembering 9/11: Before, After, and Since.

The Skyscraper Museum, which opened in 2004 at 39 Battery Place in Battery Park City, just blocks south of the World Trade Center site, will commemorate the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 with a series of virtual programs. From September through November, a series of webinars will bring together key figures closely associated with the recovery and rebuilding of the World Trade Center site to consider the history of the original Twin Towers and their destruction on 9/11, the aftermath of recovery and rebuilding at Ground Zero, and the cumulative changes to the built environment, community, and economy of lower Manhattan over the past two decades.

Noting that twenty years may seem a short time ago to many who experienced 9/11, but also represents the entire lifetime of young adults, the Museum’s programs will seek to both retrieve and document the in-the-moment memories of key figures closely associated with the recovery and rebuilding project, as well as invite their thoughts on how 9/11 changed New York – or, indeed, if it did?

The series of evening programs is organized around themes: the emergency response of the structural engineering profession; the work of planners and architects to create a meaningful master plan for the site that also accommodated commercial imperatives; residential development and commercial conversions downtown; and the lower Manhattan skyline two decades after 9/11. The intention is to focus on lesser-known aspects of the 9/11 story in order to deepen the history of the immediate aftermath and months of recovery. We will also engage the two-decade time frame, inviting key participants in the efforts of rebuilding to reflect on broad questions.

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