Edge4Vets Fall 2021 Online Workshops

The Human Resiliency Institute at Fordam University Gabelli School of Business is offering Fall 2021 Edge4Vets Online Workshops.  The goal of the workshop series is to prepare you for jobs that can lead to great careers.

Edge4Vets teaches veterans, active duty, National Guard and Reservists (and their spouses) how to translate their skills from the military into tools for civilian success.  Then they connect you to HR reps at their partner companies to explore jobs that can match your skills and interests. 

The workshop series consists of four parts with two Zoom sessions.

Part 1:

Zoom 1 (Wednesday, October 13, 1:00-2:30pm Eastern Time):

Vets learn how to create a draft Plan4Success with four parts - Vision, Values, Skills, and Action.   Participants get support through the workshop from HR reps at Edge4Vets partner companies who serve as mentors and provide feedback.

Part 2:

Following the first Zoom workshop, vets are then given access to the online Edge4Vets course.  They have two weeks to work at their own pace.  Through a series of short videos and exercises, they learn how to finalize their draft Plan4Success and submit it to earn a certificate.

Part 3:

Zoom 2 (Wednesday, October 27, 1:00-2:30pm Eastern Time):

Vets bring their Plan4Success to the session.  HR rep mentors help participants match their skills and interests from their personal Plan to job opportunities at Edge4Vets partner companies.

Part 4:

At the end of the workshop series, vets will be connected back to reps at their sourcing agencies and to other support resources in their communities for "wrap around support" to follow up on contacts they make in the workshops.

See full details on how the program works at edge4vets.org.

For questions, contact Tom Murphy at [email protected]

Register for the Fall 2021 Workshop Series here.