The Suicide Network Monthly Meetings

Scudder Intervention Services Foundation, Inc. (SISFI), in collaboration with The Suicide Institute and NYC Suicide Council, present NYC's Five Boroughs The Suicide Network.

The Suicide Network offers monthly meetings from 11am-1pm that are open to the public.  Check the schedule to see when the meetings are held for your borough.

The Suicide Network focuses on education, intervention, prevention, and postvention response, services, awareness, research, and humane support for people in emotional pain in NYC.  Be part of change to save lives from abuse, addiction, anxiety, brokenness, bullying, depression, grief, hopelessness, loss, loneliness, trauma, violence, victimization, life and mental health/illness challenges with best practices, Suicide Informed Care, and Emotional Pain Informed Care.

This is our public health crisis.  We, ALL OF US, are IN IT TOGETHER, as ONE!

Monthly meeting schedule:

Staten Island: 1st Thursday of every month

Bronx: 2nd Tuesday of every month

Queens: 3rd Monday of every month

Manhattan: 3rd Thursday of every month

Brooklyn: 4th Thursday of every month


For more information, contact SISFI at [email protected] or 917-651-1889