Research Study for Justice-Involved Veterans

Mental Illness Research Education, Clinical, Centers of Excellence (MIRECC) Researchers are recruiting eligible veterans to participate in a research study on Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Justice-Involved Veterans (DBT-J).  

DBT-J is an experimental treatment designed to help veterans address thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and circumstances that increase risk of criminal behavior and interfere with mental health.  Over 16 weeks, participants learn helpful strategies for reaching goals, managing intense emotions, and improving relationships.

Other study details:

Total time commitment for this study is 20 weeks, including treatment and assessment.  All participation will be completed virtually using VA Video Connect or WebEx.  This study is sponsored by the VISN2 MIRECC.

Eligibility requirements:

US Military veteran

Aged 18+

Current supervision by probation or parole OR history of arrest within the past 2 years

Able to provide consent

English proficiency

Ability to tolerate group format psychotherapy

Not currently at high risk for suicide (as determined by a suicide risk assessment)


In return for participation, participants will receive $50 after completion of each assessment session and a $50 bonus for completing all 4 assessments for a total of $250.

Principal Investigator: Marianna Goodman, MD

IRB Protocol # GOO-20-29

MIRB# 01957

Click here to view the study flyer.

To participate, contact the study coordinator:

Emily Edwards, PhD

[email protected]

718-584-9000 ext 3865