Con Edison Associate Gas System Operator Position

Con Edison is seeking an Associate Gas System Operator for the Gas Engineering Transmission Department.  This is a full-time position in the Van Nest section of the Bronx.

Required education:

Bachelor's Degree and 2+ years' relevant experience in utility system gas, electric, steam, water, sewer etc. or a minimum of 1 year of Control Room experience

Bachelor's Degree in Engineering is preferred

**Application deadline is Wednesday, December 22, 2021.**

Core responsibilities:

Track and coordinate field work from Area Gas Operations and Gas Engineering routed through Gas Control, including for telemetry data and alarm testing, evaluating system conditions to ensure adequate gas schedules are in place to balance gas supplies to meet send-out requirements and coordinating with Energy Management Commodity Procurement & Scheduling Section to adjust as required.

Participate in the decision-making process with the Senior or Gas System Operator to implement appropriate action in the closure of strategically "Remote Operated Valves" (ROV's) in the event of a catastrophic gas transmission main failure.

Supervise and assist in the control and direction of company work forces during emergency and contingency operations associated with the gas transmission and distribution system.

Utilize pipeline Electric Bulletin Boards (EBB) to confirm gas volumes required to meet system load requirements. Coordinate with Energy Management Commodity Procurement & Scheduling Section to make required position adjustments.

Make system adjustments to gas pressures and flow rates to optimize all economical gas supplies and coordinate this operation with the Gas System Operator.

Monitor hourly gas consumption of steam and electric generating stations.

Verify hourly log sheets ensuring metering variations remain below 2 percent error, and if exceeded provide explanations and/or implement corrective action to resolve.

Adjust gas system pressures to ensure system integrity during peak demand periods and emergency conditions, by remotely operating gas regulator station settings using the Gas Operations-Supervisory System (GOSS).

Implement corrective action when critical systems alarms are received on GOSS, including off-hour notification to the appropriate Pressure Control, Tunnel Maintenance, or Gas Engineering duty roster supervisor. Direct the reporting field crews and supervisors at the various locations to secure the abnormal operating condition in compliance with standard established operating criteria.

Make required gas incident notifications, including to the PSC, DOT, DEP, and Company Executives as required by procedure.

Take corrective action when communication paths affecting GOSS data are out of service. Refer outages to third party vendor and assist in troubleshooting process as required.

Ensure safe work practices are followed and environmental protection in accordance with regulatory and company policy from a Gas Control perspective.

Work rotating shifts as required.

Perform other related tasks and assignments as required.

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