Team RWB 2022 Take Flight Challenge

This January, Team RWB is inviting you to soar into 2022 with Eagle Nation. For 31 days, they’re encouraging you to set aside time to work toward your individual goals and to Take Flight. 


Once you register here, prepare to get yourself ready to soar! 



After you register, here are your next steps:

Download Team RWB app found in the app store if you have not done so already

Go to the Team RWB app and join the ACTIVITY GROUP(s) of your choice to commit to healthy habits for 2022:



Functional Fitness


 If you’re working on a healthy habit goal outside of these activity groups visit Healthy Habits under Virtual Events

Download your training plan and/or your Take Flight Tracker found in the app

Jan. 1 - Jan. 31 go to your Take Flight track of choice, get your daily healthy habit plan of action and Eagle Fire inspiration, get after your activity and check in.