Veterans Financial Coaching Services

Services for the Underserved (S:US) is offering financial coaching services for veterans.  Veterans Financial Liaison, Rhonda Sherwin, AFC®, ( Accredited Financial Counselor) can help veterans bridge the financial gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Offered services:


Budgeting and saving

Retirement planning

Understanding credit reports and credit scores

Managing debt

Money guidance for life events: marriage, children, college planning, life after retirement

Student loans

Financial Coaching:

Focuses on improving financial behavior

Facilitates clients to set and achieve financial goals

Provides tools, resources and referrals

Facilitates decision making

Provides accountability and support


Savings, targeted savings, emergency fund

Banked: having a debit card, transaction account

Debt: dollars of total debt, credit card debt

Credit: credit score, credit report, accounts in collection

Psychology: confidence in ability to manage finances, focused financial goal


For more information or to make an appointment, conact Rhonda Sherwin:

[email protected]