InTransition Confidential Mental Health Care

The inTransition program is a free, confidential program that offers specialized coaching and assistance for active-duty service members, National Guard members, reservists, veterans and retirees who need access to mental health care when:

Relocating to another assignment

Returning from deployment

Transitioning from active duty to reserve component or reserve component to active duty

Preparing to leave military service

Any other time they need a new mental health provider or need a provider for the first time.

inTransition services are available to ALL military members regardless of length of service or discharge status and there is NO expiration date to enroll.


inTransition coaches are skilled counselors who understand military culture and who maintain privacy and confidentiality. They help participants:

Connect to a new provider

Monitor their transition and motivate them to remain in treatment

Locate local community resources and support groups

Find crisis intervention services in the new location

Learn tools to continue making healthy life choices


To learn more about the inTransition program, click here for the brochure or call:

1-800-424-7877 (Inside the continental US)

1-800-424-4685 (Outside the continental US)