Reduced-Fare Metro Card Online Registration for Seniors and People with Disabilities

For the first time, seniors and people with qualifying disabilities can apply for a Reduced Fare MetroCard online. Until now, customers could only apply by mail or in person. This is the latest effort to bring MTA services online and eliminate barriers to accessing transit service. To apply, visit and make sure to click the “interested in OMNY” box at the end to stay up to date of our OMNY rollout.


What is OMNY?

Say hello to New York’s new fare payment system. OMNY, which stands for One Metro New York, will eventually combine fare payments and ticketing across subways, buses, paratransit, and commuter rail. As they roll out OMNY between 2019 and 2023, you can still use MetroCard, eTix, and other existing fare payment options, giving you the flexibility to choose when OMNY is right for you. Learn more about the rollout.

To pay your fare at subway turnstiles, AutoGates, and onboard buses, simply tap your own contactless card or smart device, or an OMNY card, on the OMNY reader. The screen will instantly confirm if the tap was successful, sending you on your way quickly and easily. Learn more about OMNY readers.

OMNY supports a full-fare, pay-per-ride option for now, including free transfers. Additional fare options will be available during future phases of the rollout, including reduced fares, student fares, special programs, and more.