NYS Homeowner Assistance Fund Application Deadline Approaching

The New York State Homeowner Assistance Fund (NYS HAF) program will be accepting applications until Friday, February 18th.  Starting on February 19th, interested homeowners will be added to a waiting list.  Please apply as soon as possible.  NYS HAF expects to receive significantly more applications than can be funded by the program. Applications will be processed in the order they were received. Application submission does not guarantee you will receive financial assistance.

The NYS HAF is a federally funded program dedicated to assisting homeowners who are at risk of default, foreclosure, or displacement as a result of a financial hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apply if you’re a homeowner who is:

Behind or in forbearance on their mortgage

In default on a reverse mortgage

Behind on their property taxes, water, or sewage bills

Behind on monthly maintenance charges of your coop or condo

Behind on their chattel loans, retail installment contracts, or other types of home purchase loans and/or lot rent

If you need assistance applying, you can contact the Call Center at 1-844-77-NYHAF (1-844-776-9423) or connect to a NYS HAF partner.