MVJ Poynter Power Reporting Class

Military Veterans in Journalism has an exciting new opportunity for members. It is a short class you can attend in person and a proven launchpad for a TV news career. 

Military Veterans in Journalism will send six members to the in-person/virtual hybrid TV Power Reporting Academy at the Poynter institute this April, and you could be selected for this opportunity if you apply today.

Application deadline is Friday, March 4, 2022.

Those chosen will join a class of aspiring TV reporters and producers from around the country. This seminar combines four online sessions with three days of in-person learning at Poynter in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The course is ideal for you if you hope to work as a television reporter, photojournalist or a VJ/MMJ/backpack journalist. Hundreds of local, network and international journalists point to this practical seminar as the spark that ignited their careers.


What will you learn:

How to write clearer, stronger stories by finding your focus, building to big surprises and more

What every reporter needs to know about lighting, motion, sequences, action/reaction and cameras

How to be a story idea machine and how you can never be without a pitch

How to get beyond announcements, fake claims and spins

The tough calls toolbox: Practical ethics when you are tight on time

How to include new voices and see new parts of your community that are seldom covered

How you can grow in your newsroom and organization and create a roadmap to move your career ahead


This seminar, usually $499 to attend, is offered for free to those MVJ members selected. Airfare to St. Petersburg, Florida and hotel expenses (room and tax) will be covered thanks to the generous support of The Poynter Institute and Craig Newmark Philanthropies. Applicants must be based in the United States and cover their own expenses like ground transportation, baggage fees and meals.

Apply here.