Medical Technician Positions

The US Military Entrance Processing Command is seeking Medical Technicians for the Fort Hamilton Army Base in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.  Other locations are also available.  This is a full-time, permanent GS-6 position with an annual salary range of $46,797-$60,836.

Application deadline is Friday, March 11th.



In-process applicants and verify biometrics

Screen and maintain medical records for current or past medical conditions that could be disqualifying for entrance or retention in the military

Interview applicants for medical conditions that could affect test results

Determine types of exams required and special testing due to age or Service requirements

Explain and demonstrate procedures to minimize confusion or false failures. Measure and record height, weight, blood pressure, and pulse rate

Perform phlebotomy to collect blood samples for lab tests

Operate centrifuge to separate specimens, process packages, and ship all specimens

Directly observe urine donations and perform drug testing and urinalysis

Remove cerumen (earwax) using specialized equipment and administer audiometric (hearing) tests

Conduct near/far visual acuity, color vision, and depth perception tests

Operate electrocardiograph equipment for EKG; interpret and evaluate results


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