Legal Assistant Position at Fort Hamilton

The Army Installation Management Command is seeking a Legal Assistant at Fort Hamilton in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.  This is a permanent, full-time GS-7 position with an annual salary range of $52,002 to $67,598.

**Application deadline is Wednesday, April 6th.**


Provide legal and administrative assistance to attorneys in the legal office who provide legal services to eligible clients, including active duty military, retirees, eligible civilians, and their family members/dependents.

Ensure documents have all legal terminology spelled correctly referring to appropriate guides as needed.

Prepare and maintain legal assistance records and reports.

Conduct intake of clients to determine eligibility for services, conflicts of interest, and nature of legal problem.

Provide appropriate guidance in matters not requiring attorney advice.

Review and analyze factual and legal issues on various topics such as family law, consumer law, and tax law.

Serve as a Notary Public for the State of New York with responsibility for providing assistance to clients by notarizing pre-prepared documents.

Draft legal documents such as wills, trusts, and marital separation agreements that will be subject to final review and approval by an attorney.


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