She Wears the Boots VA Women's Health Podcast

She Wears the Boots is an official VA sponsored podcast. They highlight how the VA is your partner in health by interviewing experts on topics that matter to you and recognizing that while women Veterans have the same health care needs as non-Veteran women, Veterans are at a higher risk for certain conditions that may require specialized care. No other health service understands women Veterans and their unique health care needs like VA.

The cover topics that include:

Breast health

Heart health


LGBTQ care

Maternity care


Mental health

Reproductive health

Supportive services

Vaccine safety

And more!

You can download, subscribe, and listen to the She Wears the Boots podcast from your phone or computer - anywhere you listen to podcasts. New to podcasts? Check them out at their site here. This convenient podcast is specifically formatted to give you all the expert information you need during a commute, a break from work, or while exercising. New podcasts come out regularly, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode!