Team RWB Eagle Nation Marching Orders 2022

Team RWB invites you to Accept Your Marching Orders!  

Research shows that taking 5,650 steps a day can contribute to positive overall health and wellbeing. Join Eagle Nation to walk, run, hike, ruck, or push – take your pick and commit to your 7- day goal as an individual or a team from April 18-24, 2022.

On or near April 24th, gather your team (veterans, service members, family and friends) to crush your final daily goal and host a social to bring everyone together to celebrate the accomplishment of completing your Marching Orders. 

You can participate in this event as an individual or as a member of a team. 

As an individual, you challenge yourself to meet your personal goal level.  Teams compete against each other.  Once your team is set up, start recruiting your team members. Leaderboard links will be provided to each member of the team to track steps.  Team formations end on April 12th.  

Register here.