BSF Photo Call

Blue Star Families is on a mission to build community by showcasing what real, resilient military families look like — families of all shapes and sizes, from different backgrounds and diverse cultures. 

Will you help them? Send them photos of your military family!

Here are some examples of photos they're looking for:

MilKids (they’re excited to celebrate Month of the Military Child with you!)

MilSpouses (just yourself or you and your crew!)

MilSpouses showcasing their career

Military families of all shapes and sizes

Dual military couples

Parents with MilKids

MilSpouses juggling life at home


A few important things to note: 

They may choose to feature any number of the photos you provide throughout their advertising and marketing efforts, including on their social media pages (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter). That said, please only submit photos you want publicly shown.


Click here to submit your photo(s).