Veterans, This Day and Every Day Virtual Art Exhibit

Veterans, This Day and Every Day is a virtual art exhibit curated by Warrior Writers.  The exhibit was originally supposed to be available only until February 28, 2022 but it has been extended through April.  Check it out while it is still available to view!

This exhibit opened on Veterans' Day 2021 (11/11/2021).  During that time of year, we feel lots of love, support, and visibility for the veteran community. But oftentimes, after the parades and free meals end, so does the awareness and attention to veteran issues and needs. Warrior Writers is committed to keeping the conversation going. To carving out space for community and for your voices to be heard.

That is why this virtual art exhibit is entitled “Veterans, This Day and Every Day." This is a digital collection of works from veteran artists, highlighting and uplifting the stories veterans tell through their art.

Visitors can “walk” through this online exhibit, going from room to room, being able to zoom in on and read about the pieces. The exhibit will remain online through April 2022.

View the exhibit here.