VAAA Warriors to Workforce Program Application

The Veterans Affairs Acquisition Academy (VAAA) has opened applications for the August 2022 cohort of the Warriors to Workforce Program (W2W)

The Warriors to Workforce Program (W2W) is a program that offers Veterans an opportunity to transition into a career in the federal government by applying their military skills and experiences to the federal workforce.  The program focuses on transitional support, mentoring, professional development, and foundational career training activities.  Interns complete the program as a cohort, fortified by a built-in support system that mirrors the team environment and camaraderie that they experienced in the military.  These relationships create a foundation for a lasting professional network throughout their career.

W2W Program Highlights:

The W2W Program is the first training and development program of its kind for transition training and direct job placement in the civil service.  The program design shortens the learning curve and provides a career roadmap for Wounded Warriors.  Program participants are hired into W2W as GS-5 federal employees and complete four main program components: Business Education, Professional Development, Peak Performance Training and Mission Service.


After W2W Program Completion:

The W2W program serves as a foundation to the Acquisition Intern Program (AIP).  Interns who successfully complete the W2W Program are converted to GS-7 Contract Specialists and matriculate to the AIP where they learn the essential technical and professional competencies for contracting professionals in an experiential learning environment with real-world work scenarios.  Upon successful completion of the AIP, interns are strategically infused into the Acquisition workforce to meet the needs of federal contracting organizations throughout the country.


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The next W2W cohort will begin in August 2022. If you are interested in applying to the W2W program, please send your updated resume to [email protected].