MST Research Study Participation Opportunity

Weill Cornell Medicine is currently enrolling patients in an IRB approved, Department of Defense funded, randomized controlled clinical trial which will examine the comparative efficacy of two treatments for military sexual trauma (MST)-related posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in male and female military personnel and veterans. MST survivors from Vietnam era to current OIF/OEF/OND era between the ages of 18 and 70 may be eligible to participate.

Eligible participants will be randomized to receive a 10-14-week treatment consisting of either prolonged exposure therapy (PE) or interpersonal therapy (IPT). The intervention is free and eligible individuals will be compensated for all completed assessments (up to a total of $325). Locations available in Upper East Side and White Plains (Free parking in White Plains).


Inclusion Criteria

MST survivors from any service era, with any duty status and any discharge status

MST is defined as uninvited/unwanted sexual attention (such as touching, cornering, pressure for sexual favors, or verbal remarks), threat of or attempted, sexual contact, sexual assault, or any sort of sexual activity between at least two people in which one of the people is involved against his or her will.

Ability to attend weekly outpatient therapy sessions


Exclusion Criteria

Current (or in the past 3 months) manualized treatments for MST-related psychiatric conditions or PTSD

Patients who in the investigator’s judgment pose a current homicidal or suicidal risk

Current (or past 90 days) severe substance use disorder


To refer someone directly, please contact the Program for Anxiety and Traumatic Stress Studies at 1-212-821-0783