Help the VA Make its Digital Tools More User-Friendly!

The US Department of Veterans Affairs is recruiting participants for its User Experience Studies to help make its digital tools more user-friendly.

Are you a veteran?  Transitioning servicemember or reservist?  A caregiver?  A family member?  The Department of Veterans Affairs wants to make it easier for you to explore, apply for, manage, and track your VA benefits.  Teams at the VA want to hear your feedback about improvements they are making to VA websites, mobile applications, and other digital tools -- to ensure that these services are usable and relevant for you. 

Most studies are conducted online - you'll only need a computer connected to the Internet.  Some studies are conducted face-to-face near you or may require a smartphone.  The studies typically last one hour or less and are scheduled during business hours (Eastern timezone).  Some studies may require veterans with specific characteristics.  will receive a thank-you gift for your participation and time. 

Click here for more information and to participate.