MTA Metro North Railroad Electrician Position

MTA Metro North Railroad is seeking an Electrician for H&H Station Maintenance Forces in Westchester County.  This is a full-time position with a starting hourly pay rate of $23.75/hour, which is 65% of the full rate of pay ($36.55/hour)

The wage progression scale is as follows:

Year 1=65% ($23.75/hour)

Year 2=70% ($25.58)

Year 3=75% ($27.41)

Year 4=80% ($29.24)

Year 5=92% ($33.62)

Year 6=100% ($36.55/hour)

Electricians install and repair all phases of residential and industrial electrical work at shops, stations, yards, and facilities, including wiring, lighting, conduit, motors and controls, oil burners, elevators, switch heaters, and other equipment.



Minimum High School Diploma, General Equivalency Diploma (GED), or Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC).

Vocational and/or apprentice training in residential or industrial electrical work or a minimum of two (2) years of experience performing residential and/or industrial electrical work.

Valid driver's license.


Experience performing residential or industrial electrical work.

Licensed NYS Electrician or equivalent.


Reading comprehension ability; interpersonal skills; customer service oriented; mechanical aptitude; skilled in exercising independent judgment; ability to anticipate and analyze problems and take corrective actions; ability to multi-task; must be able to function effectively under changing priorities; knowledge of National Electrical Code (NEC); must be safety conscious.



Inspect, install, repair, and maintain electrical components on all platform and station locations along the H&H lines to include but not limited to lighting, digital signs, ticket machines, ATMs, heating and air conditioning (HVAC), conduit, conduit straps and circuitry.

Ground metal objects (e.g., metal seats, hand rails, digital signs, ATM machines, and ticket machines, etc.) onto train platforms through exothermic welding to ensure the safety of all customers.

Inspect, install, repair, and maintain lighting, HVAC unit breakers, and electrical panels in buildings, shops, substations, drawbridges, and all other assigned locations

Install, maintain, and repair all lighting and associated components on structures and in yard locations  Bend conduit ranging in size from ½" to 4" in diameter with a hand bender or bending machine, install in various locations (e.g., buildings and shop locations along exposed and concealed areas), and pull wires/cables through to complete a circuit between two electrical boxes or components.

Read and interpret prints, wiring diagrams, and schematics.

Perform electrical work including switching, testing and repairs on live line electrical systems up to 600 volt range  Attend mandatory trainings (e.g., Roadway Worker Safety, etc.) to obtain/maintain all required qualifications to safely perform job duties.

Perform roadway worker duties (e.g., perform Look-Out, etc.) to ensure the safety of the work group.

Recognize the hazards of electricity and the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required to perform electrical work safely.

Assess situations to identify possible hazards and take appropriate safety precautions (e.g., PPE usage, etc.).

Obtain electrical clearances and provide electrical Lock out Tag out protection.

Perform other duties as assigned.

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