PTSD Documentary Film Opportunity

The Man 'O War Equine Therapy program at Columbia University is beginning production on a documentary film.  If you are interested in seeking help for depression, anxiety, or PTSD or are a veteran who would like to share your story and is interested in participating in equine therapy, please contact them.

This program is group therapy with horses where participants learn new horsemanship skills (no riding) offered for free through the Military Family Wellness Center. Groups meet once a week over an 8-week period at Bergen Equestrian Center in Leonia, NJ. Transportation to the farm from Columbia's medical campus will be provided. Two groups are planned to begin following the July 4th holiday, one group will participate in documentary filming. 

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment please contact Chana Fisch at [email protected] or 646-774-8104. 

Visit for more information.