Veteran Filmmaker Fellowship Program

The Inaugural Veteran Filmmaker Program (VFF) is anticipated to run remotely from Sept - Dec 2022 and will provide a series of free lectures and discussions on filmmaking and screenwriting.  These weekly lectures will cover both the fundamentals of screenwriting and a survey of the collaborative elements of filmmaking.  The VFF Program will provide a supportive environment under which VFF participants can begin to formulate and outline a feature length screenplay of their own.  VFF participants will also gain a fundamental understanding of the various collaborative functions necessary to bring a script to screen.     

The VETERAN FILMMAKER FELLOWSHIP is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded by veterans to provide a therapeutic and creative outlet to affected veterans, to open pathways to film industry careers for veterans, and to educate, inspire, and empower America's veterans to tell their unique stories through the collaborative arts of screenwriting and film. 


The VFF Program is a cursory, introductory, program not intended for veterans who have already received a formal or informal introduction to the fundamentals of filmmaking or screenwriting.   

The VFF Program Curriculum will consist of:  

A fundamental education in the art and craft of screenwriting, from ideation and premise, to plot structure, character development, scene development, dialogue, etc.

A survey of the essential and collaborative functions of filmmaking, including, but not limited to, writing, development, pre-production, directing, cinematography, line producing, sound, set design, editing, and post-production. 


VFF Program Participants must:

be Honorably Discharged Veterans of the United States Armed Forces.  

be at least 21 years of age.  

have a demonstrable interest in filmmaking.

be able to participate in all program meetings and fulfill all program requirements.  

be open to constructive criticism and respectful to all other participants, lecturers and mentors.


Visit the VFF website here.

If you are an eligible veteran interested in participating in the VFF program, please contact VFF at [email protected] for more information.