NYC DVS Budget Director Position

New York City Department of Veterans' Services is seeking a Budget Director for its office at 1 Centre St in Manhattan.  This is a full-time M5 position with an annual salary range of $88,936-$104,463.

The New York City Department of Veterans’ Services (DVS) Expense Budget totals $6.1 million. DVS seeks to hire an experienced, talented, and highly motivated individual to serve as the agency’s Budget Director. The candidate will have latitude for independent judgement and be responsible for directing and controlling the agency’s budgeting and financial forecasting activities.  The Budget Director will be expected to lead the process for annual, quarterly, and monthly budget development.  The Budget Director will represent the agency with key external stakeholders such as the Office of the New York City Comptroller and the city’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for agency budget actions and at the agency level, be responsible for monitoring and analyzing the agency’s expenditures against the authorized budget.

The duties and responsibilities will include, but are not be limited to, the following:

Work independently and across the agency to prepare monthly Financial Reports including Personnel Services (“PS”) Budget forecast, Other Than Personnel Services (“OTPS”) Discretionary OTPS Reports and Miscellaneous Revenue Reports.
Develop budgetary policies and guidelines to meet short and long-term financial goals.
Perform detailed analyses of data captured from the city’s Financial Management System (FMS) to monitor and evaluate agency and / or project specific performance.
Participate in the City Budget Plan: Including Briefing Sheets, Program to Eliminate the Gap (PEG’s), and Agency New Needs submissions as necessary.
Review and evaluate on-going agency fiscal requests and proposals and formulate appropriate recommendations.
Create and maintain constructs for various budget codes.
Approve, project, analyze and monitor expenditures to ensure appropriate funding prior to action in FMS.
Manage NYC Comptroller’s audit inquiries, which includes setting up accruals, preparing analysis for closeout payments, verifying the integrity of expenses, and implementing corrective action if necessary.
Process encumbrance requests in FMS-3. Run and utilize PMRS and Info-Advantage reports for budgetary analysis.
Process all PS and OTPS journal entries in FMS, including tracking rejected transactions.
Reconcile FMS and internal encumbrance transactions to ensure appropriate implementation.
Provide support to the Agency’s Contracting Officer (ACCO) complete procurement steps; including having prior knowledge of Certificates to Proceed (CP), Change Orders (CCRs), Request for Contract Amendments and Modifications (RCAM) and OTPS expense requisitions; assembling RFPs and other contractual documents.
Assist and implement transactions requiring Comptroller Office’s approval.
Communicatee both in written and verbal forms, to Executive Staff, OMB senior management and agency contacts.
Produce extensive monthly reports and projections utilizing data from various sources.
When necessary, resolve contract and budget issues with the Agency Chief Contracting Officer.
Process all contract modification encumbrances in the city’s Financial Management System (FMS).

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