Attention Veteran Service Organizations and Local Nonprofits the FY2024 City Council Discretionary Funding Period is Now Open

Attention Veteran Service Organizations and Local Nonprofits the FY2024 City Council Discretionary Funding Period is Now Open

Every year, members of the City Council allocate discretionary funding to not-for-profit organizations in order to meet local needs and fill gaps in City services. Discretionary funding is a duly appropriated sum of money in the City’s expense budget allocated to an eligible not-for-profit organization by the Council or a Member of the Council. 

PPB Rule 1-02(e) allows certain elected officials– including Council Members and Borough Presidents (but not the Mayor or City agencies)– to designate specific not-for-profit organizations to receive funding as an alternative to funding programs through competitive procurement.

There are currently six categories of discretionary funding used by the City Council: Member Local InitiativesCity Council Local InitiativesMember Aging Discretionary FundsMember Youth Discretionary FundsAnti-Poverty InitiativeCitywide Initiatives.

To be eligible, organizations must be registered with the New York State Attorney General's Charities Bureau (unless exempt) and have a valid Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN). 501(c)(3) organizations are the most common recipients of discretionary funding, however there are numerous 501(c) designated entities that are eligible. For example, War Veterans’ Organizations are a 501(c)(19), Civic Leagues and Social Welfare Organizations are a 501(c)(4), and Horticulture Associations are a 501(c)(5).

An organization that receives discretionary funding must itself deliver the services of the funded program. Subcontractors or consultants may not be the primary service providers for programs funded by discretionary awards. In limited circumstances, the Council may permit an organization to utilize the services of subcontractors or consultants as an ancillary/supplemental part of the delivery of services. In addition, subcontractors and consultants must be approved by the contracting agency prior to any work commencing.


If your organization provides services to Veterans and fits the above eligibility requirements, we highly encourage you to apply for discretionary funding through the City Council.

Apply for FY2024 City Council Discretionary Funds

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