ADC 2020 Virtual Summit Series: DoD Town Hall

In a fast‐changing world, ADC's mission remains the same – supporting the military and our military families. We can’t gather in D.C., but we can bring D.C. to you. Introducing the Summit Series, a new way to engage with defense leaders and network with ADC’s community: Five topics. Five weeks. One Community.

On September 24, 3pm (EST), attend One Community: Town Hall with DoD Leadership. DoD is facing a confluence of crises and challenges it has not encountered in over a century. COVID‐19, renewed calls for racial equality, a critical need to invest in new technology, infrastructure and weapons systems, and increasing pressures for quality schools, housing and spouse employment opportunities, all occurring as our national defense strategy pivots to a new era of great power competition. It is clear that these challenges cannot be met by DoD alone, and that there is a key role for defense communities. Indeed, meeting these challenges will require a “one‐community” approach in which installations and communities must work together hand‐in‐hand. But what will this all mean for our nation’s defense infrastructure, both at home and abroad? How will installations and communities work together to ensure our nation remains strong?

Register here for free (military, DoD and other Federal staff only).

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September 24, 2020 at 3:00pm - 4:30pm
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