ADC 2020 Virtual Summit Series: At Risk

In a fast‐changing world, ADC's mission remains the same – supporting the military and our military families. We can’t gather in D.C., but we can bring D.C. to you. Introducing the Summit Series, a new way to engage with defense leaders and network with ADC’s community: Five topics. Five weeks. One Community.

On October 8, 3pm (EST), attend At Risk: Military Family Readiness (and what we can do to change it). Over the past few years DoD and the services have placed a greater emphasis on improving the quality of life of its service members and military families, most recently tying these factors to future basing decisions. While communities have stepped up their efforts to address issues such as military child education and spouse employment, the COVID‐19 pandemic and resulting economic crisis have decimated local and state budgets forcing community decision makers to slash the very services that support quality of life. And with the recent murder of George Floyd, DoD and defense communities are also beginning to confront a troubled history of racial inequality and social injustice. This important discussion will explore the current state of key quality of life issues, emerging DoD policies and priorities, and the potential resources available to communities as they look to continue their efforts to provide great places for our service members to call home.

Register here for free (military, DoD and other Federal staff only).

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October 08, 2020 at 3:00pm - 4:30pm
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