ADC 2020 Virtual Summit Series: Politics of Defense

In a fast‐changing world, ADC's mission remains the same – supporting the military and our military families. We can’t gather in D.C., but we can bring D.C. to you. Introducing the Summit Series, a new way to engage with defense leaders and network with ADC’s community: Five topics. Five weeks. One Community.

On October 1, 3pm (EST), attend The Politics of Defense, an insider's guide to today's big issues. With the 2021 NDAA working its way through Congress, there is an emerging theme of modernization and focus on providing DOD with the ability to meet the growing threat posed by near‐peer competitors like Russia and China. Advanced technologies, new weapon systems, and a reassessment of the needs of the industrial base are being prioritized, and there is a consensus that DOD must also make significant investments in new personnel requirements and the needs of military families. But against the backdrop of an historic election cycle, domestic crises, and massive budget deficits, will DOD and Congress be able to meet the full range of national security challenges? Featuring national defense policy and budget experts, this discussion will explore how DOD and the next Congress might address these issues while at the same time ensuring that our military is ready to meet the challenge of a new era.

Register here for free (military, DoD and other Federal staff only).

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October 01, 2020 at 3:00pm - 4:30pm
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