Blue Star Families Policy & Benefits Survey

Please consider taking this 20 minute survey brought to you by Blue Star Families

WHAT IT IS-  This is a completely confidential and anonymous survey.  The survey is for anybody who is military or veteran-connected: a veteran, family member, active duty service member, spouse, parent, caregiver, etc. 
WHY DO ITThe more people who participate, the more Blue Star Families can learn about how to improve the support provided for our military families, and the stronger our collective voice in future advocacy initiatives.

Blue Star Families is making an effort to hear the voice of NY, and then use the results to guide policy on a national level with the DoD.  

WHAT WILL HAPPEN- Survey results will make it to the Pentagon, to desk of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  What YOU need and want is going to inform the future of what is provided.  

WHAT TO EXPECT- Results will be released next Fall, summaries of results will be available, and data will be used by Blue Star Families to advocate for policy and benefits. 

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