Blue Star Welcome Week Challenge: Race to Support Military Families

Each year, over 600,000 military- and Veteran-connected families transition across the country and around the world. Some families are joining the military, others are moving to new duty stations, and some are transitioning out of military service. Additionally, many families are geographically separated due to deployment or training. 

Blue Star Welcome Week (September 25th - October 3rd) is a national effort to connect military families to their new communities and encourage people across the country to welcome new military families to the area. By participating in the Blue Star Welcome Week Challenge, we'll track your virtual progress from coast to coast as you run, walk, volunteer, or even dance your way around seven of our military communities, showing your camaraderie with our military-connected families transitioning every year.

This is more than a challenge. Together, we'll virtually travel nearly 300 miles, while exploring communities, learning fun facts about each military branch, and how Blue Star Families supports all military- and Veteran-connected families.

Sign up as a Team Captain and gather nine of your friends, colleagues, family members, or neighbors to create your team of 10 and complete the 300-mile route over seven days.

If you are participating as a "solo racer," search BSF Team to join us.

Point 1 - Starting Line 
U.S. Marine Corps - Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, CA 

Point 2 
U.S. Space Force - Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado Springs, CO

Point 3 
National Guard - Chicago, IL

Point 4 
U.S. Air Force - Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, OH

Point 5
U.S. Army -  Fort Campbell, Clarksville, TN/Hopkinsville, KY

Point 6
U.S. Coast Guard  - Tampa, FL

Point 7 - Finish Line

U.S. Navy - Naval Station Mayport, Jacksonville, FL

Registration fee of $20 includes a Welcome Bracelet.

If for any reason the registration fee is an obstacle to participate, contact Staci Holt at [email protected]

Register here.