BPL Presents 28th Amendment Town Hall

BPL Presents, the programming team of Brooklyn Public Library, offers 28th Amendment Town Hall, a virtual event moderated by Craig Manbauman, on June 2, 7-8pm. 

BPL Presents invites the public online to help to draft the 28th amendment to the Constitution. The 27th amendment was added to our Constitution in 1992, has the time arrived to propose another change? Through a series of online town hall forums, people of all ages and backgrounds can give voice to the most important issues facing their communities today and discuss how the U.S. Constitution supports or hinders contemporary society.

Ideas put forward during the series of virtual town hall meetings will be sent to our Framers, who will draft our Constitution’s next amendment on behalf of the people. While the result will not be a legal document, the amendment will reflect the aspirations and collective will of the people. 

Veterans, military, and their families are invited to participate.

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June 02, 2020 at 7:00pm - 8pm
Meredith Walters ·