HillVets CAPCON, September 29, 1-7pm, is a nonpartisan leadership forum created by LEAD protégés, representing the culmination of the programs training and will present, timely, dynamic, ripe for discussion issues faced within our veteran and military communities. This year's theme is: Leading Paradigm Shifts in Military and Veteran Communities.


Communications & Media Panel

Leading the Paradigm Shift: The Powerful Voice of Civilian Allies in Media

Lauren Katzenberg, At War Editor, The New York Times

Andrea McCarren, Vice President and Chief Content Officer, Pen Fed Digital

Leo Shane, Deputy Editor, Military Times

HillVets Spotlight Panel

Fostering Professional Allyship: How Advancing Marginalized Communities Can Better Us All

Lt Sabrina Reyes-Dods, Women in Submarines, Coordinator, COMSUBLANT

Jeyben Castro, Deputy Director, House Office of Diversity and Inclusion at the US House of Representatives

Jeff Hall, National Employment Director, DAV

This is a VIRTUAL event streamed LIVE on Facebook.

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September 29, 2020 at 1:00pm - 7pm
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