Jiu Jitsu PTSD Study

When people think of Jiu Jitsu, they might humorously imagine fighters flying with fists ablaze. Rarely would Jiu Jitsu elicit images of rehabilitation and recovery. The aim of the study is also to hopefully create a more efficient method of treating the symptoms of PTSD. Volunteers are needed who may benefit from the study.

This is an independent study, designed to alleviate the symptoms of PTSD, rather than attempting to “cure” the disorder. 

The central teachings of the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) are based on relaxing and settling down when confronted with the most uncomfortable situations. Also, the martial art provides and efficient form of exercise with an extraordinarily friendly and relaxed social atmosphere that incorporate people from different diversities. By so doing, the martial art does not only provide the much-needed depression outlet for the PTSD sufferers but also eases anger and frustration thus eliciting rehabilitation and recovery images (Peskind et.al, 2013).

Ted “Doc” Kendall, a veteran combat medic for the United States Navy, recently discovered that Jiu Jitsu is an effective and life-changing therapy to help him deal with the PTSD he incurred from an IED attack in Iraq. Kendall has been training at Grappling Mastery, in Mount Dora, Florida, where he often attends multiple classes a day. The martial art gives him a much-needed outlet for his depression, anger, and frustration.

The study will begin within the year. For further information please contact: Greg Runfola, [email protected]

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