Submit a Job Opportunity

Please complete these questions to submit a specific job opportunity you wish to offer for veterans, military reservists, and military/veteran spouses in the NYC Metro area. First, you will be asked for your information and to affirm basic facts about the job offering, followed by key information to be posted on our website about the job.

Note: Incomplete or "no" submissions will not be considered or receive a response. Thank you for your attention to submitting complete information; this reduces the time and staffing costs required for us to post each submission. 

Organization / Company posting this position affirms the following: 1) Hiring individual/team welcomes and values the experience of veterans, military reservists, and military/veteran spouses; 2) Worksite is located in the NYC Metro area; 3) Job is a permanent position; 4) Compensation is equivalent to or greater than $20 per hour.