Military Family Clinic Parenting Skills Program

Are you struggling to manage your children’s behaviors?

Have you been exposed to military or civilian trauma?

Has your trauma experience interfered with your parenting?

NYU Langone Military Family Clinic offers a Parenting Skills Training for Military Families. This program addresses the effects of military and civilian trauma on parenting. You will learn positive parenting skills to strengthen relationship between you and your child/ren.

The program is available to a veteran parent with any type of trauma history, a spouse of a veteran parent, or any other caregiver for a military child, who has been through any trauma and/or live with a military parent who has experienced trauma.

This program will help you understand how your and/or your spouse’s trauma experience can affect how you feel and how you parent your children. You will learn new positive skills that will help you better interact and communicate with your children and improve your relationship.

Call the intake line at 855-698-4677 or e-mail: if you are interested in attending either individual or group Positive Parenting Skills Training.

Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic

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